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Typings is a tool that allows to add type information to existing Javascript library so you can leverage on them.

$ npm install -g typings
$ typings init
$ typings install --save dt~angular --global
# Use `typings/index.d.ts` (in `tsconfig.json` or as a `///` reference). 


Typescript is just a ES6 Javascript transpiler that allows to add type annotations to our sourcecode. Type annotations allows us to have better control of our code and increases the productivity on large teams.

Not all libraries are written in Typescript, that means that non typescript libraries –plain javascript libraries– are not annotated and we have no extra information about types.

Most common Javascript libraries has typings: a files .d.ts that contains types definitions. By adding them to our project we have full type information exactly like as the library was written in Typescript.

Typings tools

The typings allows to manage typings files (.d.ts). It is like npm but for type annotation.

Install typings

Install it as npm package:

$ npm install -g typings

Set-up your project

Initialize typings typings.json file:

$ typings init

Option A: Use the typings from your tsconfig.json:

  "files": [

Option B: Include typings in your code:

// src/main.ts
/// <reference path="../typings/index.d.ts" />

Add your libraries

Install typings for your libraries:

$ typings install --save dt~jquery --global
$ typings install --save dt~angular --global

If does not exists, typings will create the typings/ directory, the typings/index.d.ts file, and will add references to this file automatically.

You should not touch what is inside the typings/ directory.

Searching typings

You can search available definitions types as follows:

$ typings search react
Viewing 20 of 107

NAME                              SOURCE HOMEPAGE                                                      DESCRIPTION VERSIONS UPDATED                 
griddle-react                     npm                               2        2016-04-13T18:36:51.000Z
mobservable-react                 dt                          1        2016-03-16T15:55:26.000Z
npm-react-notification-system     npm               1        2016-06-13T15:18:07.000Z
react                             npm                                       1        2016-06-01T17:52:40.000Z
react                             dt                                          2        2016-08-29T19:10:40.000Z
react-addons-create-fragment      dt                                          1        2016-07-09T04:46:14.000Z
react-addons-css-transition-group dt                                          1        2016-03-16T15:55:26.000Z
react-addons-linked-state-mixin   dt                                          1        2016-03-16T15:55:26.000Z
react-addons-perf                 dt                                          1        2016-06-19T03:19:33.000Z
react-addons-pure-render-mixin    dt                                          1        2016-03-16T15:55:26.000Z
react-addons-shallow-compare      dt                                          1        2016-07-09T04:46:14.000Z
react-addons-test-utils           dt                                          1        2016-04-27T03:56:38.000Z
react-addons-transition-group     dt                                          1        2016-07-01T00:13:52.000Z
react-addons-update               npm                         1        2016-03-24T04:43:46.000Z
react-addons-update               dt                                          1        2016-03-16T15:55:26.000Z
react-autosuggest                 dt                                          1        2016-08-29T14:27:41.000Z
react-big-calendar                dt                  1        2016-07-20T06:35:54.000Z
react-bootstrap                   dt                        1        2016-08-06T07:24:14.000Z
react-bootstrap-daterangepicker   dt             1        2016-07-01T06:17:00.000Z
react-bootstrap-table             dt                        1        2016-07-26T19:39:56.000Z

Note that source dt means that when installing you should prepend dt~ to the package name. The source npm means that typings are available along the package in npm.

Working with git

typings creates the typings/ directory in the root of your project and registers dependencies into typings.json. It is like npm which creates node_modules and registers dependencies into package.json.

You should add typings.json to your git repository and add typings/ directory to .gitignore. Contents of typings/` should not be pushed to the repository.

When you checkout the project, or typings changes in the repository, you should execute typings install and it will download and create the typings/ directory automatically.

Typings and npm

The typings tools is designed to work with node. By adding typings field to the package.json:

  "typings": "./lib/foo.d.ts"

It will try to load it.

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