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Testing Introduction Unconference

Tags: talks, testing

An improvised talk inside the AngularCamp of July 2016 with an introduction to testing. I was very well received and I explained in 40 minutes the basics of why and what to tests, and interactive tests with plnkr and the audience.

In the Angular-Camp of 2016 july there was an interest about testing but not talks about, because of this, I was requested by the organizers to do some kind of talk to introduce testing.

Because I already had some experience and previous material I agree to do it.

As material I used a plnkr from a teaching session with my costumers, and also some of the marvelous slides of Miško Hevery of the hot wo write hard code to test presentation.

It was a completely success and they asked for more. Later, in other meetups, I presented the formalization and continuation of this talk.