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Testing: from business to university and back

Tags: talks, testing

I have learned a lot about testing and developing since I left the university. I had the opportunity to back to the FIB with my old colleagues and teachers and do a talk about what is testing and what it worths.

This talk cares about the fundamentals of testing, a little bit history of how the professional community developed what we currently know as testing, but also about why I should care about testing? why is it important to do a test? What is important to test? What is not important to test? How to do testing?

There some examples in plnker just to see each step, and many surprises.

This talk also compares what people learned in the Computer Sciences and Engineering degrees and what people does in testing. It gives some tips to catch up with current state of art and gives some points to start changing syllabus to make better engineers.

This talk is good for beginners, teachers, bosses, but also for seasoned techies that just want to light up some of the ideas that they might have been hatching.

Spoiler alert: testing will save you development time and make you a good professional.