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MVS: An Angular MVC

Tags: talks, angularjs

Nowadays there are many solutions for front javascript architectures: Flux, Redux, Backbone, MobX. Here I present a simpler one, an architecture that covers most of possible usecases, and leverages in Angular capacities to simplify it.

Previously I have presented MVC - Model: the great forgotten, in which I have explained what models were for.

It was very well received but because it was focused only in the model concept it leak of some important concepts about the whole MVC abstraction or how it make scale into a large AngularJS.

In the previous talk I gave some hints, but not all, and the audience asked for more This presentation explains the whole MVS, and adaptation of MVC leveraging in Angular capacities.

It should be presented in the Angular Camp of July 2016, but unfortunately their organizers forgot about it in the voting and a different set of talks were selected from the same author.

This talk has been presented to some of my customers in private sessions.