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JS and Patterns

This is a talk in the perspective of 2014 about Javascript and Patterns. It talks about important points of MVC and “common sense patterns”: high cohesion and coupling. It also have lots of examples and are a very good starting point for those who want to understand patterns.

In 2014 I have been working in lots of Javascript front end projects. Some small, others big, some build with small teams (even team of one) others in big teams.

In more than one occasion I have found that patterns have been tried to follow, but they were bad applied.

I got lot of experience from many applications, I learned which code worked well, which not, and which are the basics that lead to good code.

With this experience, and following If you have learned something interesting, make a speech and share it I built this presentation.

It shows many of the concepts that I have learned, trying to help others to avoid them, and because I am freelance working with others, trying to avoid them with future costumers or providers.

This presentation has theory, the good and important points, but also is full of examples. Some of them in jQuery and others in Angular.

I also used this presentation in in-house teaching sessions. It also served me to demonstrate that AngularJS and jQuery are suitable for the same kind of applications, but AngularJS help to keep the code base smaller and easier to maintain.