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AngularJS Community and API Decissions

A talk explaining how to and encouraging people to contribute and participate in the creation of Angular.

For a long time I have been user of many of many of the open software libraries but I almost never contributed to them.

While watching videos of the ngConf 2015 I have seen a kind of call for opinions with a link to a github. I followed it.

The topic was hot for me, by then, I had some years of experience in Angular 1.X, also as an Architect guiding teams, and I have seen lots of formulas that made development easier. The topic was about a new “sugar syntax” to make Angular 1.X closer to Angular 2 and easier. There was an opportunity to make things easier and reduce a lot of time for many people and colleagues of trying bad coding solutions (note that this is not just my criteria, Angular 2 exists to avoid them). So I dove in head first into github.

That was amazing. I have discovered how the Angular 1.X community really worked, how thousand of people can cooperate to create a single software. And I wanted to share it. AngularCamp, a un-conference about Angular has been organized in Barcelona, with many classrooms available, and my target was to get some pro people talk about it and may be even do a contribution later between us all.