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Angular 2.0-beta modules

A talk without slides showing actual code showing how to create Angular 2 modules and injection. Implemented in ES5 and Typescript.

This talk was given in the un-conference of AngularCamp in 2016.

By then there was very little information about how to work with Angular2 and almost no information about how to scale large applications.

I consider (like packages in java) modules the native way to scale applications in Angular: each part in the application is a small module, and modules cooperate among them to create the larger app.

Unfortunately there was very little information about how to define such modules.

I did some research, made some tests, and I discovered some things that I presented in this talks:

  • how to create barrels with enough information to represent a module (or package), including how to import and export them,

  • how to inject dependencies inside other services (there was no example available by then),

  • how, when and why use decorations, and because typescript, it is mandatory in order to provide automatic type annotation of class constructor,

  • how to use ES5, because there was (and still there isn’t) many examples in ES5

I created two examples and I presented them in the AngularCamp unconference.

Both examples are: