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UPCF Management Application

This project was developed by Beatriz Rubio, it is the application of management of the UPCF student association through a website.

My involvement in this project was high, because I was one of the board members of the UPCF association.

This project started with a friend, Beatriz Rubio, which was almost finished the degree in computer engineering systems, but she told me that she recently discovered that she loved programming and she wanted for some project to learn to code applications. She asked me for help to do one inside the degree.

I proposed to do a new application for the association in which I was board member, with a web interface, so we could manage it remotely from any computer-room. I also proposed to take advantage of that, and make a system that any associate can contribute to activities, news, … and use this application with some restrictions.

The application was developed with Java-JSP, with an MySQL database. I did the times the role of a teacher explaining basic concepts of client-server applications, Java and JSP capacities and techniques, times the role of a customer, explaining which functionalities we wanted in the application, the role of a manager, setting deadlines and reviewing the work done, and also the UX, creating the view design, html templates and css.

Functionalities implemented were:

  • News management with multiple roles.
  • Associated/user management, with relationship between users.
  • Activities management with multiple roles and registration.
  • Assets management: control for the association library, plus control for material sharing between associates.

Although the project is quite old (around 2003), it was one of the firsts projects that I have used CSS. It was very well received, because the app-site was fast, easy to use, and powerful.