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AngularJS ngClass performance boost

This contribution boosts the performance of ngClass. The main goal is not to copy large objects when they are used as truly, but also avoid digest copies of large objects.

it('should not copy verylargeobject', inject(function($rootScope, $compile) {
  var getProp = jasmine.createSpy('getProp');
  var verylargeobject = {};
  Object.defineProperty(verylargeobject, 'prop', {
    get: getProp,
    enumerable: true
  element = $compile('<div ng-class="{foo: verylargeobject}"></div>')($rootScope);
  $rootScope.verylargeobject = verylargeobject;


Although this PR was not accepted as it, @gkalpak (part of AngularJS core ) used it as base for full ngClass refactor. As he explains:

In large based on #14404. Kudos to @drpicox for the initial idea and a big part of the implementation.

The reason behind of being implemented by him was to refactor everything quickly with multiple commits avoiding the PR proposal/accept delays.

Before this PR there was some tricks that have to be done in the ngClass expressions to make sure that they are fast enough:

    <i class="icon" ng-class="{friendly: !!user.friends, male: user.isMale}">...</i>
    <td ng-class="todo.completed && 'completed'">...</td>

After this PR, the performances is good not matters the syntax:

    <i class="icon" ng-class="{friendly: user.friends, male: user.isMale}">...</i>
    <td ng-class="{completed: todo.completed}">...</td>

I have also created a PR with benchpress to make sure that performance improvements are good.