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AngularJS ngAs

This contribution allows to bind child components controllers to current template scope. It behaves similar to Angular2 let, or Polymer and RiotJS id.

<toggle ng-as="burger"></toggle>
<menu ng-if="burger.isVisible"></menu>
<countdown-timer ng-as="$ctrl.countdownTimer"></countdown-timer>
<button ng-click="$ctrl.relaunch()"></button>

I have used drpxId directive years before my PR in many of my implementations, many times, and resolved many problems, making solutions cleaner and easier to understand.

Angular 2 also introduced the same concept.

Thus, I decided to contribute this code inside the Angular core so it was available to anyone.

In the moment of writing this lines it is still in process of beign accepted, programmed to be merged in 1.5.x.