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AngularJS $componentController proposal

A proposal to simplify the testing of component controllers without incrementing the footprint size of angular.min.js, without requiring to compile the whole component, and easily exposing the controller to the test.

/* we may test with something like: */
var fooControllerInstance = $componentController('myFoo', locals, { myBindings... });

That was sound.

I have been reading the thread of new component proposal for AngularJS 1 in order to make things closer to Angular 2, and then I have discovered the idea of exposing all components controllers so anyone can instantiate them with $controller or with ngController.

I was terrified with the idea. I do support to many development teams in Angular, I have seen how many coders solve problems, and I automatically imagined how they would start using $controller and ngController with component controllers in production code and all fail scenarios. I was really terrified.

So I proposed an alternative: $componentController. It should be exactly like $controller, even better, because it could help to build all the component environment, and with some extra good points:

  • it should not pollute the controllers space, no new controllers appears when you define components
  • it will not allow use component controllers in ngController directives without the component
  • it will not allow use component controllers in any other creative solutions in production code
  • and it will not increase any extra byte in the angular.min.js