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AngularJS collect only EA directives

This contribution already merged into AngularJS allows to deactivate the execution of comment and class directives and boost the performance of the page boot and components compilation time.

app.config(function($compileProvider) {

The first thing that happens when an AngularJS starts is that it has to compile the web page: it looks for ng-app directives and then compiles all Angular expressions contained.

In SPAs this time is not very large, because pages are small, but pages rendered in server-side with PHP/JSP/ASP/… can be really large and contain lots of expressions.

While I was working with a customer I realized that just the boot operation of Angular toke more than 1 second. After some more analysis I have realized that Angular expended lot of time in the compile function. Looking to compile function and analyzing its tasks I discover that looking for directives in comments and classes took a lot of time.

The reason is simple: classes and comments have to be parsed by Javascript, entities and attributes are parsed by the browser, which is faster. And although in production code there are no comments, they indeed have lots of classes.

Because of this, I modify compile and I add a configuration option to inhibit the compilation of comment and class directives. I also have provided of a set of tests to verify that they are working correctly. And I also have provided a benchpress suite test case to demonstrate and compute the total performance improvement.

This optimization does not only improve the performance of the application boot, but also improves the time of component compilation. That means that any change in the view, new page view, new component, new elements on the screen… appears faster.

After doing some benchmark, the total speed improvement was around 10-20%.