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Since I get used with github I have been contributing to multiple open source projects in many ways: pull requests, discussions, libraries … Here you can found some of the more relevant contributions that I have made.

AngularJS $componentController implementation

The implementation of $componentController so it does not need to increase the size of angular.min.js library, but it allows to create tests of components.

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AngularJS $componentController proposal

A proposal to simplify the testing of component controllers without incrementing the footprint size of angular.min.js, without requiring to compile the whole component, and easily exposing the controller to the test.

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AngularJS collect only EA directives

This contribution already merged into AngularJS allows to deactivate the execution of comment and class directives and boost the performance of the page boot and components compilation time.

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AngularJS collect refactor try/catch

This contribution was a small refactor, but with a big improvement in performance. It solved a compilation limitation of the browser so angular compile can go faster.

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AngularJS ngAs

This contribution allows to bind child components controllers to current template scope. It behaves similar to Angular2 let, or Polymer and RiotJS id.

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AngularJS ngClass benchpress

This contribution adds a benchpress suitcase to AngularJS performance test to evaluate the impact in the performance in changes in ngClass.

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AngularJS ngClass fix ['orange', obj]

This contribution fixes a bug found in ngClass in which, if you have a variable containing and array which one of the fields is an object, it has a different behaviour than having an array in the template with one field beeing an object.

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AngularJS ngClass performance boost

This contribution boosts the performance of ngClass. The main goal is not to copy large objects when they are used as truly, but also avoid digest copies of large objects.

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AngularJS ngTranscludeLocals

This contribution allows to rename current template locals into a new locals inside a transclussion sections.

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AngularJS use component options as Controller

This contribution allows to use options directive definition object as controller. The current status is rejected.

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