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PhD., Engineer and Vicedean at the Official Catalan CS Society and CS enthusiastic who loves to innovate and extract all potential to this young technology.

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I was born in Barcelona in 1978 and raised in Montgat, a small town near Barcelona. I started to write programs when I was 8 years old, with a ZX Spectrum and a book called "Basic para niños". Before the university I wrote some complex programs, including a simple neuronal net, or a 3D raytracer. The university was for me like an all you can eat, full of rich concepts and challenges.

Nowadays I am a Freelance Code Architect, Vicedean of Professional Development at the Official Catalan CS Society and an active member of many meetups. Inside meetup community I have a say: "If you have learned something interesting, make a speech and share it". I am also a close follower of the Agile movement, software quality, testing, ... and all those concepts that just starts to define what is to be a good professional in CS.